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The cost of hunger and the financial benefits of breakfast

On average, a teacher in a school like ours with 35% FSM or higher, or an Ever 6 of 50%, will spend around half an hour a day dealing with hunger related issues. These include comforting a hungry child or calming them when they are crying or being irritable or complaining of tummy ache, dealing with behaviour issues such as anger or frustration, originating from feeling hungry, settling the rest of the class whilst dealing with the hungry child, re-engaging the class after time lost, reinforcing teaching points that the child has missed due to lack of concentration, finding food for pupils - getting cereal from a cupboard or store and finding a space for them to eat, sending the child out with another member of staff or sending them out with a note, bringing the child up to speed with the lesson when they return after going out for breakfast, writing up notes for the file, phoning home at the end of the day or speaking to parents about the concerns.

So what does this cost?

If every teacher had to deal with children who have not eaten breakfast for half an hour every day this would cost Shapla Primary School...

school days

Lost every year


school budget lost

hours of learning time

Lost every year

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