Read the latest information about the year 5 visit to Cardfields.

Thursday 27th September

After a shower and breakfast, we used our map reading skills to walk to Heather Hills. In small groups, we worked together to find our way along a river and through some fields. Once we got to the top, we had a shelter building competition. We used lots of sticks and logs. All the teams succeeded and got 10/10. On the way back to Cardfields we had to jump over some branches and little rivers. We also met a horse! Tonight we'll be showing off our best dance moves at the disco. - By Aasim & Ajer

Wednesday 26th September

Today we went to a village called Terling. When we got there, we had a tour from Ron. He told us about bungalows which are one storey houses. After that, we went to Terling Primary School and met the year 5/6 class. We discovered some differences between their school and ours: they wear a uniform, they have a bigger play area and it's a small school with less than 100 kids. We played a game called chaos tag and football rounders with them. When we got back to Cardfields, we had free time and lots of people did some sketching and painting. We're super excited to have a campfire tonight and play hide and seek in the dark! - By Fahim.

Tuesday 25th September

The weather was so nice again today. We did archery this morning, which was great fun. After a yummy lunch, we learnt some 'survival skills' in the wood. We gathered wood and twigs then learnt how to make a campfire correctly and safely. Then we lit the fires and cooked some toast. Once again, dinner was super delicious - dinner tonight was pasta, chicken meatballs in lovely tomato sauce and garlic bread, followed by chocolate ice-cream. Tonight is film night. What a busy day!

Monday 24th September

We arrived safely at Cardfields at 11 am - just in time to get settled in before lunch!

After a quick briefing and tour, we sat down for lunch in the sunshine. In our free time, we enjoyed playing football and feeding the chickens. Our afternoon activity was orienteering, where we used maps and worked in teams to decode secret messages hidden in the play areas. For dinner, we had pizza, salad and upside down pineapple cake. After dinner, we wrote in our diaries and played some games. What an exhausting but exciting start to the week!

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