Caterpillar Shoes

Hi Gold Class, 
Watch this video about a silly caterpillar with too many shoes! 
I really love the ending! Let me know what you think...
From Persia :)

Caterpillar Shoes is a story about a caterpillar.  He is very hungry, all he does all day is walk and eat and walk and eat.  On every pair of feet, a pair of tiny shoes he wears!

This is a great home learning resource from the Literacy Shed that supports literacy, maths and science. Visit

Send me photos of any activities that you do! Here are some ideas:

  • Retell the story using a story map with pictures and words
  • Write a fact file for each of the creatures
  • Write an information report about a mini beast
  • Design a pair of shoes for a mini beast
  • Write your own mini beast story
  • Create insect poems
  • Draw or paint insects
  • Create mini-habitats in shoe boxes


  • Create diagrams to sort the creatures.  You could sort them by the number of legs and wings, flying or non-flying, or by habitat
  • Order the creatures - first - last, by number of legs and wings, size
  • Create symmetrical patterns
  • Subtraction - as he gives away the shoes
  • Counting in twos
  • Can you make any 'groups of'?
  • Can you create a number story?


  • Study the life cycle of butterflies
  • Minibeast studies
  • Habitats

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