Comic Club!

Hi Gold class, read these new comics to practise your reading! Can you answer the questions?

The Cow and Owl Town will practise the sounds: ur ow oi


  1. What can they do on the moon?
  2. What can they do with the oak and ash trees?
  3. Can you think of a different word for 'boing'?
  4. What happens if you hop on a cow pat?
  5. Can you design your own moon pad app?

The Haircut Comic will practise the sounds: ear air er


  1. Describe the alien who wants to get their haircut.
  2. How is the alien feeling? Why?
  3. What hairstyle does the alien have?
  4. Have you been to the hairdressers? What was it like?
  5. What have you been afraid of that you didn't need to be?

Here are two new comics for you to read. 'Let's go' will practice the sounds: ai ee igh oa and 'Moon Park Farm' practices: oo ar or



This comic is called, 'I can spot... ' It practises the sounds: sh ch th ng When you have read it answer the questions below.


  1. Choose new words to describe the fish that is long and thin.
  2. What colour is the fish that can shock?
  3. How can a shell run?
  4. Which fish is your favourite? Why?
  5. Create your own fish that can not be spotted!

Read this comic called, 'Which new pet for Obb and Bob?' then answer the questions at the bottom. You will practise the sounds: wh ph ew oe au ey


  1. What is wrong with the animals?
  2. What pet do Obb and Bob want? What is wrong with it?
  3. What do they make their new pet out of?
  4. What is the pet called?
  5. Can you design and construct your own pet?

Hi Gold class, read this comic called, 'Eggs, eggs, eggs', and then answer the questions. You will practise the sounds: oy ir ue aw


  1. Where do Mr and Mrs Dragon live?
  2. What is the girl egg called?
  3. Why is the third blue egg a bit odd?
  4. What makes the chicks happy?
  5. What other animals have big, strong claws and jaws?

Hi Gold class, read this comic called, 'The Holiday'. It is quite funny because it is not a very good holiday at all! Can you find out why?

It will help you practice your phonemes: ay ou ie ea


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