Design Competition!

I knew that at Shapla there are some very talented designers and creators, but I have been bowled over looking on our website at some of the creations that people have been making at home! Lots of fantastic art from Pink and Purple Class, big design projects from Gold Class and some great work from other classes too!

So I am setting up a design competition. Who can make the best dream house? Think about what materials you have at home that you can use, and how you can make the furniture and other things to go in your house. Where would your house be - in the city or by the sea? How can you show this?

Here is what Ne'mah made that inspired the competition:

Here is a house that was made by Red Class last year during a creative time in the Summer term:

Each table made a different room and found different materials to make the different furniture. We cut up small straws to make the fence around the garden.

If you want to join in the competition, take a photo of your creation and send it to

The winner will be picked at the end of next week. Good luck!

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