A core value is a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community.

We have recently revisited our school values and found that the old set of values, as well as other values which we all agree on, could be grouped into four core values.

The first letters of each value form the word RISE – Respect, Inclusion, Safety and Equality.

These values are applicable to every member of our school community – children, staff, parents and governors.

RESPECT – When you are in our school, you will see:

  • All learners are respected, regardless of ability
  • Parents are welcomed into the school at all times
  • Festivals for all religions and cultures are celebrated
  • Achievement assemblies each week
  • Certificates awarded for learning and for demonstrating school values  
  • Staff treat each other with respect
  • Children respect adults and adults respect the children 
  • Circle time for sharing and listening to each other
  • Polite children
  • Children showing a respect for learning
  • All staff and children are called by their first name
  • Children are respectful and well mannered on school visits
  • High expectations and good manners are expected at all times
  • School council where all opinions are valued
  • Parent meetings where opinions are listened to 
  • Children are very well behaved at all times
  • A respect to property and the school building – everyone looks after the school
  • Tolerance towards differences

INCLUSION – When you are in our school, you will see:

  • Active inclusion governor to ensure accessibility
  • A fully accessible building 
  • New, modern accessible room for children with mobility difficulties
  • Sign language promoted by everyone and being taught
  • Inclusive ethos where everyone is respected and valued
  • Free breakfast club
  • Our website can be read in many languages
  • Weekly staff meetings are open to all members of staff
  • Regular parent meetings
  • Family learning, Stay and Play, family breakfast mornings
  • Mixed ability groups in classes
  • Children looking after and supporting children with SEND
  • The needs of all pupils are met
  • Older children playing with younger children
  • All children engaged in learning
  • CPD opportunities for all members of staff

SAFETY – When you are in our school, you will see:

  • Password for children collected by adults other than parents
  • Monitored gate with CCTV for breakfast club
  • Qualified first aiders
  • Online safety teaching for pupils and parents
  • Regular fire evacuation practises
  • Regularly updated safeguarding policies
  • Senior leaders and governors take regular safeguarding training
  • All staff undertake annual safeguarding training
  • Trees planted to help reduce the effects of pollution
  • Calm, sensible children moving around the school
  • Parent workshops about child safety
  • Secure entry system to the kitchen and staff room to prevent accidents
  • Teaching of safety in PE/DT and science lessons
  • Security fencing and controlled gate access
  • Tidy classrooms and clear corridors
  • Appropriate adult:child ratios for visits and in the Early Years
  • All outdoor learning and trips are fully planned and risk assessed
  • Regular meetings between the Headteacher and the safeguarding governor
  • Governors carefully monitor incidents, exclusions and they regularly review policies
  • Children say they feel safe in school and they report incidents
  • Childline posters around the school
  • Assemblies that remind children about staying safe
  • Class discussions and PHSE lessons about being safe
  • All accidents and safeguarding incidents are recorded electronically using CPOMS

EQUALITY – When you are in our school, you will see:

  • All learners are engaged in learning
  • All staff are welcome to attend staff meetings
  • All staff are treated equally
  • Free breakfast club for all pupils
  • Parent workshops for the whole community
  • Mixed ability learning partners
  • Boys and girls sitting and learning with each other
  • Celebrations for all the faiths and festivals of our community
  • SEND children treated equally
  • A democratic school council elected by the children
  • Voting for important matters – such as choosing our school uniform
  • All parents are treated equally
  • A clearly defined behaviour policy to ensure consistency
  • Governors that check attainment, progress and provision for all pupil groups
  • Entitlement to a curriculum that is appropriate for all learners
  • Clothes bank to support parents facing difficulties
  • All staff receive high quality CPD training
  • Governors representing the community, including parents


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