Treehouse Creative Work

I set a challenge to do some creative writing all about this treehouse picture - and I'm so happy to say I have already had some fantastic responses!

Maryam has written a fantastic story with clear paragraphs and beautiful description.
Zayan has drawn and described a picture of a treehouse
Zainab A has designed her own treehouse and labelled the picture
Inaaya has designed a detailed and colourful treehouse, then written an amazing description as well. I wish I could go and visit this treehouse!
Zainab has drawn a diagram of a new treehouse and has written a wonderful poem to go with it - great work Zainab!
Yunus has described his treehouse lab beautifully, and written a second draft of his character description - well done Yunus!
Yunus has written an amazing setting and character description.

Well done Yunus, I can't wait to find out more about what Scott gets up to in the treehouse! I can see you've been learning some Alan Peat sentences as well.

Yusuf has used some fantastic descriptive language to set the scene of the treehouse setting.

Yusuf I can see how carefully you've chosen words to describe the setting, and you've used prepositional phrases to help your reader visualise your treehouse really clearly, well done!

Yusuf has redesigned the treehouse and added labels to show the new features.

So far I have been blown away by all the hard work, and I have loved everyone's character choices!

Well done everyone!

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